I arrived safely into Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday from Nigeria.  Even as a native Canadian I had to adjust to the colder climes of southern Europe and experienced my first cold weather in quite some time.  Barcelona is a beautiful city and I highly recommend it if you plan on visiting Spain but tourism in not on my agenda for this specific trip.

I am in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2013.  Mobile World Congress is the biggest trade show event in the World for the mobile industry.  Mobile World Congress, MWC, is a 4 day event with over 1,500 vendors in over 70,000 square meters of exhibition and meeting space.  In past MWC events the newest technologies and trends in the mobile industry were announced and put on display sometimes months and even a year before the mainstream market was aware.  There are eight massive halls and it is a bit overwhelming.  For my first day I immediately recognized the trend in the convergence of mobile communications via devices such as smartphones, smart TV’s, Apps, and NFC technology.  Not only am I here to look at the different exhibits but I am also here to network and grow the MMIT brand and business.

One of my many tasks while here at MWC is to meet with our current business partners and future business partners.  Today I met with Mr. Charles Damen, VP of Billing and Payments for Badoo, a social discovery website in London, to discuss the African market and what MMIT is bringing to the market in the virtual/mobile transactions space.  I also have meetings with ECAS and Paypal over the next few days.  MWC is a great time and place to catch up with others in the mobile industry and talk freely about the trends in the industry and potential business partnerships.

I will be at the MWC through the 28th of February and I will have more information to share over the next few days.  I will also have visual content to share including photos and videos.  If you would like to contact me please feel free to email me at