My name is Kim Fraser and I am the Chief Operations Officer for MMIT, Mobile Media Info Tech.  We are a mobile software development company based out of Lagos, Nigeria but with offices in the US and UK.  I am Canadian by birth and citizenship and I started my career as a telecom operator in Canada for 18 years before I made the move to Africa.  I had worked briefly in East Africa in the early 90’s so I was familiar with the continent and life and business on the continent.  I was working for Nortel Networks in 2000 and was assigned to a project for Nortel based in Nigeria.  Shortly after starting work in Nigeria Nortel faced some economic hardships and I was let go. I continued to travel to Nigeria and eventually I was asked to come back to the Nigerian project as a contractor.


Once I completed my contract in Nigeria I realized there were plenty of opportunities in the telecom space in Africa and I decided to continue working and living in Africa.  I was ready for the environment and the challenges of working and doing business in Africa. The challenges of living and working in this environment are many and varied but it is these very challenges which make living and working here so interesting. Though I admit it is likely not for everyone, if you like rolling up your sleeves and are willing to take on roles you never thought you would find your self in, it may be the right place for you.

The challenges in such an environment are quite varied from lack of infrastructure, lack of power, lack of connectivity (broadband), and transportation.  Business done in this environment has a short term mentality.  Its get what you can today as tomorrow may never come!  There is a relaxed attitude towards time and appointments, endemic corruption and so on. It takes time to get ones feet wet in such an environment, but the rewards can be quite fulfilling once one has learned to navigate the pitfalls. Most things here are never quite what they seem and it is important to understand this and realize that one need to dig deeper to understand the underlying drivers and motivations of the people one is dealing with. As they say in poker keep your cards close to your chest!


Kim Fraser – COO MMIT

Kim will be attending the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain from February 25-28th.  Kim is available for networking and business opportunities and if you would like to contact Kim or find out more about MMIT and what we are doing in Nigeria and Africa please contact Kim at or visit us at